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Gillette Razors have long been considered one of the best on the market. Gillette has made a concerted effort to make your shaving experience a pleasant one. There are a lot of razors on the market but few as trusted as the Gillette Razor. For over a hundred years Gillette has been known for its effort to make a safe and effective razor. Now you can get your hands on this quality product for less by using Gillette Coupons.

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Gillette Razors are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Following are few tips to aviod irritated skin from shaving. 

  1. Wash your face thoroughly before you begin
  2. Place a warm wet washcloth on your face for about 3 minutes in order to open your hair follicles
  3. Use a moisturizing shave gel like HydraGel Pure and Sensitive. 
  4. Check you Gillette Razor to make sure it is not dull. You may want to use a Gillette Razor with a blade indicator on it. 
  5. Shave your face with the grain using gentle strokes, if your blade is sharp then this will be smooth and easy. 
  6. Shave your lip last. The longer you leave the shave gel on your face the softer the hair will be and the less irritation you will experience. 
  7. Rinse your freshly shaved face with cold water and apply an after shave like Series Sensitive Skin Gel. 

When you use the proper technique and the appropriate products like a Gillette Razor you will find your daily shave much more enjoyable. And to add to your enjoyment make sure to use Razor Coupons Delivered to your computer. 

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